Michael Jackson Without Makeup

BornAugust 29, 1958
BirthplaceIndiana, U.S.
Death dateJune 25, 2009 (age 50)
OccupationActor, Singer, Songwriter, Dancer
Years Active1964 – 2009

Have you ever seen the pictures of Michael Jackson without Makeup? It is quite difficult to find the pictures of King of Pop without makeup. It is because instead of his pictures without makeup, you will find the pictures before and after hundreds of operations. Michael Jackson had a different look after 100 operations. Look at his cheeks or nose for the significant change. It means although, without a makeup, you still recognize him.

Michael Jackson without Makeup
Michael Jackson without Makeup

The images you see about Michael Jackson without Makeup has no big difference when he was on makeup. In the journey of perfection, he changed his look. Just compare his pictures when he has afro style with black skin color. After the operations, he looks white with his curly long hairstyle that has been familiar. The song black and white may be inspired and described his drastic change from black to white.

Michael Jackson without Makeup
Michael Jackson without Makeup

In his performance, although he was without makeup, he didn’t change that much. The face shape you see from Michael Jackson without Makeup is actually the pictures of the face shape after hundreds of operations. However, when he was on makeup, he looks very bright and cleaner. However, still there is something unnatural in his face. This can be one of the most significant changes for their face shape. Therefore, it is like there is no different when you compare his pictures with or without makeup.

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Otherwise, you can see the pictures of his evolution from black to white including many differences due to the operations on his face. Well, each celebrity wants perfection. Operations can be the best shortcut to change their appearance to be perfect. Today, it is almost difficult to find celebrities without operations. So, the pictures of Michael Jackson without Makeup may not shock you, but the pictures of his evolution will shock you.