Kate Upton without Makeup | Still Looks Gorgeous

BornJune 10, 1992
BirthplaceMichigan, U.S.
Age25 years old
OccupationActress, Model
Years Active2008 – present

Usually, there will be a big change for the look of celebrities when they apply makeup and without makeup. But it is not for Kate Upton. If you may have seen certain celebrities with makeup for all their performance, then you may not recognize when they are without makeup. Kate Upton seems wonderful either with or without makeup. She just proves that beauty is not coming from a makeup but it is for an inner beauty. It seems there is a secret why Kate Upton looks that nice.

Kate Upton without Makeup| Still Looks Gorgeous
Kate Upton without Makeup| Still Looks Gorgeous

She may be very busy with her schedule in an entertainment world. But she still keeps her routine to exercise like running. The pictures taken from the daily exercise of Kate Upton shows her beauty without makeup. She has a very beautiful look with her outfits. She looks fresh as well as fit. The exercise is indeed an important factor to keep the body and skin healthy. Therefore, what she has done is also good for other women.

Sure, Kate Upton looks so wonderful with her smile in a very bright face. Doing a massage, healthy lifestyle, healthy diet can also make her looks that wonderful. There are many aspects what makes her look really awesome although she is without makeup. She just does a great thing for her appearance as a celebrity. It can inspire other women to be more confident even without makeup.

Kate Upton without Makeup| Still Looks Gorgeous
Kate Upton without Makeup| Still Looks Gorgeous

Kate Upton, although she is without makeup, she knows well how to get a great look with her outfits. She has blonde hair and bright skin. She pairs her blonde hair color as well as her skin color with the right outfit. It means, the focus of the public attention is not just for Kate Upton’s makeup but what Kate Upton wears. She can get a wonderful look even without makeup as she knows how to wear the right outfit without makeup.

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