Amanda Lepore Without Makeup Pictures

BornDecember 5, 1967
BirthplaceNew Jersey, United States
Age49 years old
OccupationActress, Model, Socialite
Years Active1989 – present

Awful and horrible is the proper description for Amanda Lepore without makeup appearance. Seems that even with full makeup appearance, this American model, fashion icon, performance artist, recording artist and transgender, she looks horrible. Well without any intention, we should admit that even with makeup on, she looks weird. I means that looks at that appearance that really exaggerating which is being her trademark too.

Amanda Lepore Without Makeup Pictures
Amanda Lepore Without Makeup Pictures

But seeing Amanda Lepore without makeup appearance, at least we know that she is juts human being too. And let’s say that she looks better without too much makeup on her face. Seems that even without makeup, her face is looks awful. It because she has conducted to much plastic surgery that ruined her natural looks. But at least we know that she looks OK without too much makeup. Her skin looks smooth and soft though her lip that very thick unnaturally looks so horrible too. But compared with her full makeup appearance, the awful looks will revealed her. Too red and too bright makeup, mascara, eye liner, facial shading and blush on seems too much for her. Those creating a weird and unnaturally looks that will makes you shocked.

It seems that Amanda Lepore without makeup appearance something that really hated by this woman self. She hates her bare face without makeup and seems loves the full makeup one though it looks so horrible.