Abbey Clancy Without Makeup

BornJanuary 10, 1986
BirthplaceLiverpool, England
Age31 years old
OccupationModel, Television presenter
Years Active2006 – present

Abbey Clancy became famous after she won the tv show Britain’s Next Top Model in 2006. Next she worked as a tv presenter and presented the the tv show The Great British Hairdresser. Amusingly she became the tv presenter of Britain’s Next Top Model in 2014, the very same show she dominated a few years earlier.


Like most people Abbey Clancy has a family. She is married to football player Peter Crouch and has 2 children. In 2016 Abbey Clancy said in an interview that she suffers from working mum guilt. She further said that it was a struggle to focus on both her career and to bring up babies at the same time. Yes most of us can agree on that her suffering is justified and she simply does not have the time to look her best constantly. All this stress is subsequently reflected upon her appearance.

To work as a model you obviously have to look good. While it is true that Abbey Clancy looks good with all those layers of makeup on her face you might ask yourself what she really looks like? Is she really that special without her precious makeup? The truth is that she looks kind of plain and ordinary in the absence of all cosmetics. The pictures below confirm this statement. She is 30 years old (the year of 2016) and she certainly does not look any younger.

Abbey Clancy has been exposed!

Abbey Clancy Exposed by Paparazzi
Abbey Clancy Exposed by Paparazzi
Abbey Clancy Natural
Abbey Clancy all natrual
Abbey Clancy No Makeup
Abbey Clancy with no makeup
Abbey Clancy No Makeup with Family
Abbey Clancy no makeup with family
Abbey Clancy Without Makeup on Vacation
Abbey Clancy without makeup on vacation
Abbey Clancy No Makeup On
Abbey Clancy No Makeup On